1. Bangladesh School Development Project
    In the rural region of Gowher Mouza, Khadimpara Union, Sylhet, a growing settlement of 86,000 people has no viable schooling system to provide its adolescents with a proper education. Many children, including girl children, have to trek miles of land and cross the Surma River to go to school in a neighboring village. The journey is arduous and deprives many girl children of the opportunity to learn. The village is poor and unable to afford constructing the actual edifice of the school, so the local leaders were willing to donate a plot of land to OPPFI for the development of the school building and we are now in dire need of funds to kickstart this project.
    The money from this campaign will be used to either directly fund the construction of the school or pay for books and other educational materials needed for instruction. We are planning to send a proposal to UNESCO for supplemental funding pending approval, but as of now we need your help. Please invest in the future of these children.
    We plan to procure $500,000 for the school development by June 2017. If anyone would like to contact us about other sponsorship opportunities, please contact me at:
    We plan to keep all benefactors updated on the progress of the development project.
    GoFundMe Link:
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  3. UN Involvement