For the past few months, the Olof Palme Peace Foundation International has been involved in planning the 66th UN DPI/NGO Conference, which took place from May 30th until June 1st in the city of Gyeongju in the Republic of Korea. Hundreds of NGOs joined together in promoting the Sustainable Development Goals and their global networks. OPPFI has been the leader of the Youth Sub-Committee in planning the conference; our own Ms. Calisher Perry, the Main UN Representative of OPPFI, is the Co-Chair of the committee. Additionally, two OPPFI Youth Representatives, Ivana Pancurakova and Subhajit Saha, are members of the Sub-Committee. The Youth Sub-Committee has taken action by creating many initiatives and plans in the conference, such as a Youth Hub, Youth Caucuses, an Intergenerational Lunch and Google Hangouts. The Google Hangouts discuss the three main pillars of the conference, including Informal Education and Early Childhood Development, Formal Education and Outreach and Advocacy. Thank you for your continued support. Specific Information could be found here.


OPPFI continues to attend meetings at the United Nations multiple times a week. The Founder and Executive President regularly asks meaningful questions to speakers to spread his knowledge to various panelists and other DPI-affiliated NGOs. Active involvement in staying up-to-date on UN-DPI related information is what keeps OPPFI strong and present at the United Nations.