Who We Are

We act as advocates for battered women and orphaned children worldwide.


The OLOF PALME PEACE FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL was founded in the African country of Ghana in 1986 in order to promote freedom, justice, dignity, unity and peace for the people of that nation and worldwide. Our foundation is affiliated with the United Nations Department of Public Information (DPI). We are non-profit, non-political, and non- partisan. Our Founder and Executive President is Osoronko Nana-Yabani, a UN Peace Messenger. The inspiration behind our organization is the deceased former prime minister of Sweden, Olof Palme, a towering figure in the field of international peace and justice for all mankind. Olof Palme served as Prime Minister of Sweden twice: 14 Oct 1969-08 Oct 1976 and again 08 Oct 1982-28 Feb 1986, when he was assassinated by an unknown gunman coming from a theatre with his wife.

Our mission is to bring awareness of to the whole world that domestic violence is a universal issue affecting people of every gender, race, and income level. We further aim to correct and assist individuals in creating solutions and improving conditions for domestic violence surviviors whenever and wherever possible.

1. To empower those suffering abuse and domestic violence by making use of a set of centres, shelters, and lessons that deliver and create solutions for dealing with current problems they are living with.

2. To empower women worldwide through education and vocational training in a safe and supportive environmen

3. To foster better understanding between women and men

4. To prevent violence against women and childre

5. To promote girl child education

To use the skills and abilities of trained professionals in the fields relevent to domestic violence victimes and their partners. Those professionals will include medical, psychological, legal, educational and those from various other fields.


Osoronko Nana-Yabani
Founder/Executive President

Mr. Osoronko Nana-Yabani, Founder and Executive President of the Olof Palme Peace Foundation, a powerful voice on violence against women, was born on February 1st 1947. As a scholar he strived to improve the development of young minds and he decided at an early age that he wanted to spread the message of peace. He has spent most of his life preaching peace. Since his country, Ghana gave him an example of what true freedom is, he wanted to share his experience with the world. With his natural poetic talents, he began reaching out to people with his effective poems. He wrote an Eulogy in honor of the great Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme after his death in 1986., and shortly after founded a peace foundation to honor Mr. Olof Palme, the Olof Palme Peace Foundation. Mr. Nana-Yabani is a chef, a sailor, a linguist, an international poet, a historian, and a UN peace messenger.

Sophia E. Baron

Executive Secretary and Main UN Representitive

Sophia Baron is an international feminist and human rights activist who comes from a cosmopolitan mix of British and Iranian heritages. Born in the United Kingdom and raised in New York City, she graduated New York University with a degree in art history, writing her senior honors thesis on the cultural dynamics of the LGBT community in Berlin at the cusp of Hitler’s rise to power in the early 1930s. She has since worked on several notable art shows and fairs with a political/womens rights theme; in addition to volunteer work advocating for human rights and democracy for Iran, as well as being an intern on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 US presidential campaign. She brings a knowledge of grassroots awareness building, fundraising, and social media campaigning to the Olof Palme Peace Foundation in its efforts to raise consciousness of the benighted situation of abused women and orphans throughout the world.

Sarah Momen
Alternate UN Representative

Sarah Momen is the president of the OPPFI Youth Division with two years of hands-on experience within the UN environment. Formerly, she was an intern at the Sri Lanka Mission to the United Nations, where she attended meetings on behalf of diplomats, wrote and edited speeches for the ambassador and steno- graphed UN proceedings. Sarah was also the president of the Model United Nations program at her high school prior to graduation. Under her leadership, she revolutionized the program increasing award attainment by ten-fold and adding five more conferences to their regular circuit. She recently graduated from Brooklyn Technical High School with a concentration in the Social Sciences and is now attending Fordham University, majoring in Political Science. Sarah is a highly motivated individual with extensive knowledge about the UN system. She continues to be an impassioned advocate for women’s rights, gender equality and youth involvement through OPPFI. Through research publications, social media campaigns and youth conferences she plans to engage youth about issues pressing the world today. Through creating solid partnerships with youth from all corners of the globe, Sarah aspires to amplify the youth voice within the UN.


James King
Director of Community Affairs

Dr. James R. King is a humanitarian, lecturer, musician, member of the International Shotokan Karate Federation, Director of Refugee Affairs at the Olof Palme Peace Foundation International, works as an engineering inspector for the National Passenger Railroad Association, and is the father of four beautiful children. He earned his first doctorate in metaphysical studies after 6 years under the guidance of Dr. David Potts and Professor Rico Zoves at the University of Metaphysics in Staten Island, New York, and has been awarded a number of Honorary Degrees for his work in Rehab and Prison parole groups. He is the co-founder of The Fort Greene Empowerment Organization. In Brooklyn’s Walt Whitman Housing Projects, he has also served on the Board of Directors at the Pratt Institute as a community representative and voice of the underserved for 5 years at Pratt and more than 25 years in communities across the 5 boroughs. Dr. King became a police chaplain with the Fraternal Order of Police and the New York City Regional Police, working with President Al Castro in 2004. He began work with the New York State Department of Perole under Dr. Mary L. Washington to develop a syllabus and group studies for critical thinking, conflict resolution, and spiritual awareness, targeting recidivism and homelessness in our communities. As word of the effectiveness of these studies spread, Dr. King has been asked to share his study group with major corporations, schools, and churches in the U.S. and in Trinidad and Tobago. He has a goal which when stated has inspired responses of either shock, disbelief or joy and support in those who have heard it. First, tell people the truth. Then, shut down the prision system, which does not work, and replace it with academies of restoration and healing worldwide.

Martin Steinmetz

Coordinating Director

Martin Steinmetz, JD has a background in legal, management, transportation, community organization,marketing and education activities. Prior to his spending the last 2 years at Olof Palme Peace Foundation, Mr. Steinmetz has striven in his various roles to assist the community wherever possible. Recognizing the interconnection of the various parts of society, Mr. Steinmetz’s activities in mobility(transportation planning), education (Asst Director, job training and placement program, Bronx Community College), infrastructure development, and various community organizations working on basic issues. He served as an attorney in Connecticut, as well as in various political positions in New York City. He earned his Juris Doctor degree from Cardozo Law School, and has a Masters in Public Administration from Baruch College


Ivana Pancurakova
Youth Representative

Ivana Pancurakova is a senior honor student in the Social Science major at the prestigious Brooklyn Technical High School. Ivana is a leader in multiple extracurricular activities at her school, including the President of the Brooklyn Technical High School’s Model United Nations Team, which she has been heavily involved with for four years, has won many awards, and has helped her school win Best School at multiple conferences. She is currently starting her school’s own Model UN conference, TechMUN, as the Secretary-General. Ivana is also heavily involved in the Student Government, Vice-President of her school’s Red Cross and President of BTHS Geocaching. Ivana has previously worked in bringing attention to the issues of youth and raising awareness to end them at the Non-Profit Millennial Voice Foundation, which aims to hear the voices of youth and bring them to the attention of politicians. Ivana is currently a Youth Representative of the United Nations Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs) Olof Palme International with the aim of spreading democracy, human rights, peace and supporting women and children. Ivana is extremely interested in women’s issues and improving the lives of women and children around the world. Specifically, Ivana’s current project at the NGO is focused on the empowerment and protection of women and children in South Asia. After graduating, Ivana plans to attend a prestigious university and major in International Relations and Business, along with studying multiple languages. Ivana is passionate about working at the United Nations and the Foreign Service in the future.


Karla Kokayi
Research Consultant for Girl Child Education Initiatives

Dr. Karla Kokayi is the Research Consultant for Girl Child Education Initiatives at Olof Palme Peace Foundation International. Dr. Kokayi spends her time listening to the concerns of women and children from many backgrounds. She is actively involved as a self-improvement coach, committed to bringing out the greatest potential of women and youth in her community. She has honed her educational skills and musical talent to become founder of an organization that specializes in using thematic music to decrease under-achievement and bullying tendencies in schools so that students can “sound supreme, be supreme and live supreme!” Her company is called Sound Supreme Kids, LLC. Dr. Kokayi, through using her background in childhood development and women empowerment, is committed to develop better methods to improve the educational opportunities for girl children worldwide.


Kenneth Amos
Director of OPPFI USA Chapter

Kenneth Amos is currently the Director of OPPFI’s USA Chapter. Amos has previously held several positions within the foundation, as Executive Vice President and Chief of Security. Amos has been a computer and electronics technician for the past 25 years, but his interests have recently changed to renewable energy development. Using his background, he aspires to help mitigate the effects of climate change in the world.

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